About the Company

Founded in 1992, CareDent is an Australian based company, and a leading manufacturer selling an extensive range of essential and unique oral health care products of the highest quality, locally, nationally and internationally through a world-wide network of supermarkets, pharmacies, distributors and the dental professional for over 20 years.


CareDent specialises in floss, PTFE tape, interdental, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a full range ancillary oral care products. As a leader in the premium oral care category, CareDent is investing in more sophisticated and affordable products for both the retail and professionals markets.

Objectives & Strategy

CareDent encompasses a vast spectrum of oral care products through strong and experienced professional liaison with manufacturers all around the globe. The CareDent team is committed to offer products with the latest technology, unique features and styles.

CareDent focuses on core products within the dental market offering the best products choice for the consumer, with prospective growth and opportunities to expand the health and beauty category.

This is achieved through

Using skills, expertise and resources to develop a competitive oral care product range. Offering products within a range to broaden demographics. And offering products with the best quality within such a specific market category. CareDent and its personnel maintain a high quality service at all times.

CareDent is:

• ISO 9001: 2008 accredited

• NICNAS accredited (Australian Government, Department of Health & Ageing).


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