Medicom COMFORT + Earloop Masks (50) Orange

Medicom COMFORT + Earloop Masks (50) Orange

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Product Code: 354360-U-O

Unit Of Measure: BX 50

  • Comfortable single use earloop masks. Ideal for use by patients in the waiting room, in the Steri-Room and can be taken home.


  • Earloop mask
  • Latex Free, Hypoallergenic
  • Single use only
  • EN14683 Type II standard
  • Made in Japan


  • BFE @ 3.0 m Bacteria > 98%
  • Differential Pressure < 3.0 mmH2O/cm2
  • Microbial Cleanliness <30 CFU/g
  • Adheres to WHO Guidelines
  • Not fluid rated, does not meet the standards of the ASNZ Level 2 Surgical Masks

 Important: Please note these masks are not fluid rated. They meet EN14683 Type II standards.

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